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Spilling Sand

Fernanda Wellness Services

Relaxation and rejuvenation at your service!


f e r n a n d a 


a wandering spirit

light and free of burdens


f e r n a n d a

is the embodiment of relaxation, rejuvenation, freedom of movement, freedom from discomfort, creativity, and joy.


f e r n a n d a

sees beauty and brilliance in all things and all beings. she is kind towards herself and others.


she rides the waves and tides of life with a rare ease and peace of mind.


f e r n a n d a

helps cultivate healing for all people.

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therapeutic massage

therapeutic massage

This custom massage is tailored to meet your wellness goals. I will use a combination of techniques which may include flowing moves for relaxation, therapeutic techniques for specific areas that need attention, and deep tissue techniques for chronic discomfort. We will chat at the beginning of your session to make sure you receive exactly what you need to feel your best.

Reflexology Therapy

foot reflexology

When I treat the feet, I use a combination of traditional reflexology,  aromatherapy and Thai Foot Massage to help create harmony, deep rejuvenation, improved sleep, less discomfort in chronically tense areas of the body, overall health, well-being and mind-body connection

service by Steffie
Thai Massage

Thai yoga massage

Thai yoga massage, part of the ancient holistic healing system of Thailand, provides the release of long held tension with passive stretching and gentle pressure applied along the body’s energy meridian lines.

This type of bodywork is wonderful for athletes as well as people who sit or stand too much.

Typically the work is done clothed with the client wearing loose comfortable clothing. Many clients fall asleep even though they are being passively stretched throughout the session.

Clients say they feel extremely relaxed, less sore and tight. Some clients even say they feel taller after a Thai yoga massage session, because they feel their posture improve, less tension, and more ease in their body.

Massage Stones

herbal compress massage

Thai Herbal Compresses have been used for thousands of years alone or in combination with massage treatments to bring balance to mind, body and spirit. As part of traditional Thai medicine the herbs in the compress are combined to alleviate blockages in the body’s energy, stress, fatigue, joint stiffness, strained muscles and tendons, and inflammation. In addition blood circulation and relaxation are increased. The compress holds heat from steam to activate the herbs, opening the skin’s pores and blood vessels. This results in nourishing the body’s tissues. The aromas are absolutely wonderful including ginger, turmeric, lemon grass, camphor, Kaffir lime and tamarind. The best smelling massage therapy session you will ever receive!

Stephanie "Steffie" Ellis
Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist NC #7685
Owner/Creator of Fernanda Wellness Services
"Be well and live the life you love!"
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Aromatherapy Massage

About Steffie


With a background in yoga and visual art, since 2007 Steffie has been a licensed massage therapist and a massage therapy instructor.

She specializes in therapeutic massage as well as Thai style bodywork, which includes passive stretching and acupressure for not only relaxation, but also for freeing up long held tension and improving overall wellness and energy flow.

Stephanie brings a wealth of knowledge, a spirit of deep kindness, and an artistic spark of creativity to all of her work.

She looks forward to helping you on your journey of healing and well-being.

Salt Massage
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