Boho Souls NC Scrubs!

Boho Souls NC Scrubs!

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Two amazing scrubs from my friends at Boho Souls NC:

Rose salt scrub - a luscious blend of coconut and rose hip oils, blended with Epsom’s salt, organic rose essential oil and dried rose petals. This blend will leave skin feeling smooth and moisturized while evening skin tone and reducing scars.

Rose water milk bath - The most versatile scrub. This blend can be added to a warm water for a silky and soothing soak or bath. The fats in the milk bind with the skin for a less oily experience. The dry powder can also added to a small amount of water and used as a gentle exfoliation given the added Epsom’s salt and rose buds.


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    ROSE SALT SCRUB - Organic Coconut Oil, Epsom Salt, Rose Essential Oil, Rosehip Oil, Vitamin E

    ROSE WATER MILK BATH - Dried Mild Powder, Organic Rose Essential Oil, Organic Rose Petals & Buds, Salt