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Face Massage

holistic therapeutic bodywork session

The Holistic Therapeutic Bodywork Session is our signature service.

We begin with the following questions below and then include any of the following in our time together: therapeutic massage, Thai inspired energy work and passive stretching, foot reflexology, aromatherapy, guided breathing exercises, and guided inner visioning/imagining for you to be well and live the life you love.

1. Is there something you would like to let go of today?​

2. Is there something you would like to bring in today?​

3. What are you most thankful for?​

4. When you leave today, how do you want to feel?​

5. Do you mind if I include any of these in your session?

therapeutic massage 

Thai inspired energy work and passive stretching 

foot reflexology


guided breathing exercises 

guided inner visioning/imagining 

Therapeutic relaxation at its best!

therapeutic massage

therapeutic massage

This custom massage is tailored to meet your wellness goals. I will use a combination of techniques which may include flowing moves for relaxation, therapeutic techniques for specific areas that need attention, and deep tissue techniques for chronic discomfort. We will chat at the beginning of your session to make sure you receive exactly what you need to feel your best.

Oil Massage
Reflexology Therapy

foot reflexology

When I treat the feet, I use a combination of traditional reflexology,  aromatherapy and Thai Foot Massage to help create harmony, deep rejuvenation, improved sleep, less discomfort in chronically tense areas of the body, overall health, well-being and mind-body connection.

Meditate at the beach

guided inner visioning

Guided inner visioning  is a way of exercising the imagination in order for people to change the way they see themselves and the world.

It is a way of communicating with the subconscious (or inner self/higher self) to effect positive change in waking normal life, in your normal conscious state.

This is a powerful tool for overcoming limiting beliefs and facilitating healing in the body. Because all learning, behavior, and change ultimately take place at the unconscious level, it’s imperative to learn how to make changes consciously in the unconscious mind.


Guided inner-visioning is basically like hypnotherapy or

healing with the mind's eye or

immersing your inner senses in the movie of the life you actually want.

There are many ways to describe it. 


Thai Massage

Thai yoga massage

Thai yoga massage, part of the ancient holistic healing system of Thailand, provides the release of long held tension with passive stretching and gentle pressure applied along the body’s energy meridian lines.

This type of bodywork is wonderful for athletes as well as people who sit or stand too much.

Typically the work is done clothed with the client wearing loose comfortable clothing. Many clients fall asleep even though they are being passively stretched throughout the session.

Clients say they feel extremely relaxed, less sore and tight. Some clients even say they feel taller after a Thai yoga massage session, because they feel their posture improve, less tension, and more ease in their body.


thai elements2_edited.jpg
Massage Stones

herbal compress massage

Thai Herbal Compresses have been used for thousands of years alone or in combination with massage treatments to bring balance to mind, body and spirit. As part of traditional Thai medicine the herbs in the compress are combined to alleviate blockages in the body’s energy, stress, fatigue, joint stiffness, strained muscles and tendons, and inflammation. In addition blood circulation and relaxation are increased. The compress holds heat from steam to activate the herbs, opening the skin’s pores and blood vessels. This results in nourishing the body’s tissues. The aromas are absolutely wonderful including ginger, turmeric, lemon grass, camphor, Kaffir lime and tamarind. The best smelling massage therapy session you will ever receive!


gentle yoga & guided inner visioning

This is a private or small group yoga session followed by a guided inner visioning exercise.

The yoga portion will be very gentle and adaptable for any person and level of yoga experience. Our goals  are to:

move the body to free up any stagnation, stuckness, tension

prepare the body and mind to relax and become open for the guided inner visioning exercise

to connect the mind - body - spirit

to bring awareness to any areas that need attention

to connect with the breath and go within

About half of our time together will be yoga and half inner visioning, which feels a lot like a meditation. 

We may incorporate some aromatherapy and some hands on yoga assists as well.

Daisy Flowers


Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils extracted from plants to enhance well-being.

Only the best most pure oils and blends are chosen for your session.

Let us know if you would like to invigorate, relax, or uplift and we will pick just the right oils for you. 

Kundalini Yoga Meditation

guided breath

This is a mindful and intentional way of breathing that can help you de-stress, focus, boost energy, relax more, and improve sleep. 

We will use this technique in combination with Guided Inner Visioning as part of your session or by itself to assist you with your relaxation and putting more stress-management tools in your toolbox. 

Image by Max van den Oetelaar